• 17M5DX 5el. Yagi
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MSQUARE 18.08-18.18MHz; 5el./8.2m; 16.3dBi; 24db F/B; E=50° H=64°; 5el; Boom 11m; SWRmax 1.2; 19kg

Anténu 17M5DX je možno objednat ve verzi 17M5DX Survivor Series pro sílu větru do 125MPH=200km/hod.

The 17M5DX is a great performer for its size. It was designed for low wind area but rugged and lightweight and it
will save you a bundle on shipping. IT’S UPSABLE! like all our “DX” series. The computer optimized design allows full
band coverage with good gain and front to back. Performance is excellent on both the CW and phone! Mechanically,
CNC machined aluminum (6061-T6) ring clamps ground the elements to the boom and make assembly a snap. The
central boom sections are 2-1/2” O.D. x .058” wall 6063-T832 aluminum tubing with 2” O.D. tips. An overhead guy
system is supplied. A hairpin type match couples the 3 kW 1: balun to the feed line.
The antenna is completely DC grounded. The 17M5DX is also great for stacking, providing 3 dB increased gain
not to mention the lower angle of radiation. The 17M5DX is a perfect stacking partner for our other “DX series Yagis like
the 20M4DX, 12M4DX, and 10M4DX. Put the 17M5DX to the test in any conditions and see what good design can do for