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  • 20M5LD 5el. Yagi

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45 990 / kus vč. DPH (38 008 Kč bez DPH)

objednací kód: GES08901243, min. obj. množství: 1 kus

MSQUARE 14.0-14.35MHz; 5el./11m; 10.2dBi; 23dB F/B; E=50° H=66°; Boom 13.6m; SWRmax=1.5; 42kg

Anténu 20M5 je možno objednat ve verzi 20M5 Survivor Series pro sílu větru do 125MPH=200km/hod.

The 20M5L (LITE) is BRAND NEW! It features the same on air performance as it’s very popular, heavy weight brother, the
20M5, but it is much lighter weight. We listened to our customers and have carefully reduced it’s weight significantly while reducing the
wind survival rating by only 10 MPH. The 20M5L has the same clean pattern and great gain across the band. We have also made it a
“direct feed” Yagi requiring no matching, only a 1:1 balun. It is easier and quicker to assemble as well as easier to install. Stacking a
pair will cost less and put less stress on your tower! Mechanically; a pair of machined, 3/8” x 4” aluminum boom-to-element plates and
saddles ground each parasitic element and keep elements aligned perfectly for years to come. Elements taper in 1/4” steps from 1-
1/4” to the adjustable 1/2” tips. The re-designed 44 foot x 3“ dia. boom is a full 1/8 in wall in the center section but the tips are half the
weight at 1/16” wall. All critical hardware is stainless steel. The 20M5L is available through our fine distributors, worldwide. For you 100
mph+ hill toppers, we make a SURVIVOR SERIES sold factory direct only! See our web site for more details on all our outstanding