23CM35 35el. Yagi / M2 ANTENNA SYSTEMS

  • 23CM35 35el. Yagi
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MSQUARE 1250-1300MHz; 35el.; 20.94dBi; E17°/H18°; 25dBF/Btyp.; SWR=1.2typ; Boom3,1m; 2kg; 50Ohm

Anténa je dodávána jen s originálním anglickým návodem, český návod není dodáván.

The original 23CM35 has recently been re-designed and optimized for 1269 (satellite) and 1296 (terrestrial and EME) use. A 1” diameter center boom section has been added to strengthen and stiffen the boom and make the shipping box smaller, saving costs.

The driven element has been modified to make matching easier and hold more securely. Perfect balance is achieved with balun 'inside' the folded dipole itself. This eliminates connectors and cable and, as always with M2 driven elements, the whole assembly is sealed. When other designs will have succumbed to wind and weather, the 100 MPH-rated 23CM35A will be as good as new and still performing to 'spec'!

The '23CM35' is an outstanding performer for “hill-topping" or base station applications. Gain is relatively flat across the band so no matter your application, weak signal EME or troposcatter, ATV, FM repeater use, or future OSCAR applications, you will find the 23CM35A to be an outstanding performer.

The directivity, gain and the clean pattern will astound you. Phasing cables, power dividers and stacking kits are available for building a super-gain system

Use our POWER DIVIDER 23CM for stacking two or four 23CM49 antennas.