432-12EME 12el. Yagi / M2 ANTENNA SYSTEMS

  • 432-12EME 12el. Yagi
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MSQUARE 430-436MHz; 12el; 16.4dBi; E26° H29°; 23dBF/B; SWR=1.2typ; Boom 2,95m; 1,5kg; 50 Ohm

Model 432-12EME
Frequency range 430-436 MHz
Gain 16.4dBi
Front to back 23 dB
VSWR 1.2:1 Typical
Beamwidth E=26°, H=29°
Stacking Distance 54"-56"
Feed impedance 1.2:1 Typical
Input Connector 'N' Female
Power Handling 1 KW
Boom length 116"
Wind Area / Survival 875 SQ. FT./ 100 MPH
Weight / ShipWt. 4 lbs / 5 lbs

This is the latest addition to the high performance M2 family of weak signal antennas. As the name implies, the 432EME-12 has been specifically designed as a potent yet compact EME (Moon bounce)array. It is ideal for home and trips ( DXpeditions). Its light weight and rear mount capabilities keep phasing lines short and mounting simple. When used only for terrestrial and stacked 4 high the azimuth beamwidth is still 26 degrees, but the gain is over 20 dBd! EME CW or JT65B, you’ll be amazed! POLARITY DIVERSITY is possible by adding 4 more in the opposite polarity to a slightly extended “H” frame. Note also that it covers the satellite band! What a nice extra. Construction is classic M2 for long term electrical and mechanical integrity. Elements are 3/16” 6061-T6 rod, mounted through the boom on UV stabilized insulators and locked in place with stainless steel shaft retainers. The driven element module is CNC machined and all connectors O-ring sealed. Internal connections are encapsulated in a space-age silicone gel. Balun connectors are triple-sealed to the coax. Our “H” frame used for the above specs is 2” x .125 x 60” cross boom and 2” x .065 x 60” risers. Ask about special configurations for your special project. And don’t forget we make the MT1000 elevation rotator. It easily handles 4X2M9SSB AND 4X or 8X 432EME-12”s. WHAT A KILLER SYSTEM