432-13WLA 38el. Yagi / M2 ANTENNA SYSTEMS

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  • 432-13WLA 38el. Yagi

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MSQUARE 430-436MHz; 38el; 20.50dBi; E16° H18°; 22dBF/B; SWR=1.2typ; Boom 9,2m; 5kg; 50Ohm

While the 432-13WL produces over 23 dBd gain in a four Yagi array, its also an excellent stand alone antenna. And, for the serious amateur it would make a sensational 16 Yagi 432 array.
The driven element is a modified and adjustable folded dipole. Its heart is a unique machined aluminum Driven Element Module. All three connectors on the module are threaded in and feature ’O’ ring seals. Internal connections are encapsulated in a space age silicone gel with nearly 4 times the dielectric strength of air. Each parasitic element is a solid 3/16“ rod, mounted through the boom on a UV stabilized, black polyethelene button insulator and locked in place with stainless steel shaft retainers. The 432-13WL has been designed for outstanding performance and long term electrical and mechanical integrity.