• 6M5XHP
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MSQUARE 50-50.5MHz; 11.54dBi; E42° H52°; 21dB F/B; CSV 1.2 typ; Boom 5,5m; 6kg; 50 Ohm SO239

Model 6M5XHP
Frequency range 50-50.5 MHz
Gain 11.54 dBi
Front to back, Typical 21 dB
Beamwidth E=42° / H=52°
Recommended Stacking 15-21' High 19-23' Wide
Feed impedance 50 Ohms / SO-239 unbalanced
VSWR 1.2:1 @ 50.1 MHz typical
Power Handling 1.5 KW
Match Type Hairpin Match
Lightening Protection All Elements Grounded
Boom length 1216" (549cm)
Max. Elem. Lenght 113" (287cm)
Turning Radius 134" (341cm)
Mast Size 1-1/2 to 2" nom.
Wind Area / Survival 2.2 sq. ft. / 100 MPH (0,22m2 / 180km/hod)
Weight / ShipWt. 12 lbs / 14 lbs (6kg / 7kg)


The 6M5XHP is the latest computer optimized version of our popular 6M5X. The 6M5XHP has been re-designed to use a hairpin type direct feed. We just made a good thing better, maintaining a low wind load and great performance for its size. The 6M5XHP will compliment the rest of your antenna system and not overload your tower. The 6M5XHP is perfect for the Ham trying 6 meters for the first time or the seasoned vet who may stack them for lower angle of radiation or even some EME use.