80M2L 2el. Yagi / M2 ANTENNA SYSTEMS

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  • 80M2L 2el. Yagi

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222 990 / kus vč. DPH (184 289 Kč bez DPH)

objednací kód: GES08901235, min. obj. množství: 1 kus

MSQUARE 3,5-3,565MHz / 3,75-3,82MHz; 2el./32m; 6.0dBi; 3kW; 50Ohm.; 100kg; 50Ohm

The recently computer upgraded and improved 80M2L is now even better, both mechanically and electrically.
Gain is up by .6 dB over older versions and efficiency is now over 95%! This is accomplished by using low loss 3/8” aluminum
tube for the linear loading elements. Element halves start with 3” diameter tubing and taper through 2”, 1-3/4”, 1-
1/2”, 1-1/4”, 1” and 3/4”, 1/2” sections to the 3/8” tips. Machined saddle clamps have replaced the U-bolts previously
used. A solid 2” O.D. Fiberglass rod, sleeved to the 3” elements, serves as the center insulator.
The new, highly efficient 3/8” tube linear loading system is supported above the boom and out of the element
plane to reduce inductive cancellation, provide element support, and minimize excessive element droop. New, rugged
linear loading shorting bars now allow easier assembly and adjustment. A weather proof fiberglass housing now protects
the 5 kW 1:1 balun, the relays for phone-CW switching and the high Q (600+) CW band coils. These top quality components
are now accessible for frequency adjustments in the 3.5 to 3.6 MHz section of the band. Relays requires 12 VDC at
0.3A supply. Look forward to outgunning even the best of the 4 squares! Parts are available for upgrading older 80M2’s.