MFJ-4275MVX Spínaný zdroj 100-120/220-240VAC, 13,8VDC/75Amax/70Atrvale; Nemá CE certifikaci / MFJ ENTERPRISES

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  • MFJ-4275MVX Spínaný zdroj 100-120/220-240VAC, 13,8VDC/75Amax/70Atrvale; Nemá CE certifikaci
  • MFJ-4275MVX Spínaný zdroj 100-120/220-240VAC, 13,8VDC/75Amax/70Atrvale; Nemá CE certifikaci

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9 195 / kus vč. DPH (7 599 Kč bez DPH)

objednací kód: GES08902308, min. obj. množství: 1 kus

Spínaný zdroj 100-120/220-240VAC 13,8VDC/75Amax/70Atrvale; Nemá certifikaci pro použití na území EU.

Velmi oblíbený výkonný spínaný zdroj pro napájení vysílacích zařízení. Neruší. Super ochrany včetně přepěťové a nadproudové ochrany. Měřidla napětí a proudu s podsvícením. Rozměry 242x127x229mm. Hmotnost 5.2kg.

Pozor, výrobek nemá certifikaci CE ani český návod a proto podle směrnic EU není určen pro použití na území EU.

Je to spolehlivý a oblíbený zdroj v USA a ve světě.

MFJ 75 Amp Switching Power Supply

MFJ’s heavy duty 75 Amp switching power supply is excellent for powering your HF mobile amplifier or your HF and VHF/UHF rigs and accessories.

It’s great for Ameritron’s ALS-500M Solid State Mobile HF Amplifier and others with a power requirement of up to 75 Amps.

MFJ-4275MV delivers 75 amps maximum and 70 amps continuously without even flexing its muscles. Plugs into any 100-120 / 220-240 VAC wall outlet.

It’s highly regulated with load regulation better than 1%. Ripple voltage is less than 12 mV peak-to-peak at rated load.

No RFhash. MFJ’s exclusive HashSQUASH™ Filtering System eliminates RF hash that plagues other manufacturer’s switching power supplies.

Fully protected. Your MFJ-4275MV has Short-Circuit, Overload and Over-Temperature protection systems. Also has an auto restart after a fault. Has power on and Fault LED indicators.

You get front panel adjustable voltage from 4.0 to 16 VDC. Front-panel meters with backlight let you monitor voltage and current simultaneously.

Attractive front panel features several options for connecting your gear: 1 pair of 5-way binding posts, 2 pairs of Anderson PowerPoles™, 1 pair of high-current 5-way binding posts, a cigarette socket for mobile accessories, and two pairs of quick connects.

Battery charging feature can be used to charge your car battery. Whisper quiet fan speed increases as load current increases and keeps components cool and protected.

Measures 9,5" x 5 ˝" x 9". It weighs just 10.5 lbs., which is light enough to carry on DXpeditions, camping and vacations. No more hauling around big, bulky conventional power supplies that can give you a hernia!