Tait Unified Vehicle - TUV

Informativní položka - dostupnost a cena produktu na dotaz, zakázková výroba vyžadující upřesnění

Tait TUV je flexibilní aplikační platforma s širokými možnostmi konektivity, vše v jednom

Supercharge the performance of your existing or new Tait mobile radio with the new Tait Unified Vehicle platform. Tait Unified Vehicle provides a vehicle area network that combines mobile radio and broadband connectivity with an on-board edge computing and application platform. The following benefits discuss how Tait Unified Vehicle can help improve your business.

Supported Devices: Tait TM9300, Tait TM9400
Operating System: Linux (OpenEmbedded)
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11G, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, Ethernet
Hardware: ARM Cortex A8, 600MHz, 1GB Flash, 512MB DDR3, factory fitted SD Memory


Tait Unified Vehicle is a multi-bearer communications hub, offering a high level of connectivity, with access to LMR, cellular and WiFi. It’s the flexible communications core to integrate and customize solutions for your
organization’s needs.

This single integrated device combines connectivity, application processing, storage and communications in a powerful, easy-to-use open standards platform.

Tait Unified Vehicle is made to evolve and protect your investment with the ability to deliver a range of voice and data solutions for current and future needs of users and operators.

Creating a network of networks, including analog and digital radio, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth and wired Ethernet, Tait Unified Vehicle becomes the mission critical communications device to ensure vital data and voice calls always get through.

At its heart is a powerful industrial grade processor and the Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder platform, unlocking the real power of Tait Unified Vehicle by providing integrators the ability to address your organization’s unique communications requirements. Together with AppBuilder, Tait Unified Vehicle maximizes the return from your digital radio network investment

Why choose Tait Unified Vehicle?
Connected Like Never Before
Few things are more frustrating for business and mission critical organizations than not being able to communicate. As technology convergence increases complexity and puts added demands on your communication system, consider the Tait Unified Vehicle platform to keep you connected. You can create a network of networks, including Land Mobile Radio, WiFi, wireless broadband, bluetooth, and more. Users can continue using the device they find most natural and connect through the strongest possible network.

Take Your WiFi with you
Tait Unified Vehicle turns your mobile radio into a vehicle area network through WiFi, and connect your vehicle to other WiFi networks. Connected users can access the cellular/LTE network and enjoy better coverage through the Tait Unified Vehicle antenna than their devices would provide alone. Officers or workers in remote locations can receive and report job information, right from their vehicles, even to the edge of coverage. Improve productivity and safety by ensuring your team is well prepared for the task at hand.

Edge Computing Power
The Tait Unified Vehicle platform supports a Linux operating system and has sufficient memory and operating speed to run multiple applications at the same time. Direct local connectivity with the LMR mobile's processing platform allows many of the available features to be accessed and manipulated to improve communications experience.

AppBuilder functionality
The AppBuilder is a purpose-designed tool to easily program and control various aspects of the Tait Unified Vehicle functions and connectivity. You can build your own behavior to operate just the way you need to, in relation to the other devices, networks and applications that you’re connected to.

Upgrade your existing Tait Mobiles
Tait Unified Vehicle hardware can be added to your new or existing Tait TM9400 or TM9300 radios. You can enjoy the benefits and powerful new functionality at a fraction of the cost of a new radio rollout, and get much more from your existing investment for many years to come.