40M2L 2el. Yagi / M2 ANTENNA SYSTEMS

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MSQUARE 6.9-10MHz/150kHz; 2el./16m; 5.5dBi; F/B 13-15dB; E=74°; SWRmax=1.2; Boom 6m; 31kg; 50Ohm

The recently upgraded, computer optimized, linear loaded, 40M2L Yagi has been designed to outperform and outlast all
the “others”. It is now stronger mechanically and easier to assemble. Only the tips of each element are different as all the
linear loading settings are the same for each element. The shorting bars are now 2 piece, clamp type making solid long
lasting connections. The boom sections have been reconfigured to reduce shipping cost. Now every 40ML element in our
40 meter line utilizes identical, standardized components. This makes upgrading easier and tuning adjustments easy and
consistant. The elements are butt sleeved and then joined with a SOLID rod of fiberglass or aluminum as the center coupling.
Designed withstand continuous winds of 100 mph or just the constant battering of high winds, this antenna WILL
frustrate Mother Nature! The linear loaded 3/16” diameter rods anchor at the center, 10” above the main element. This
feature reduces inductive cancellation, element stress and droop. The 3/4” square 11” support riser is now 1/8 wall, further
increasing the strength and lifetime of the Yagi. The Driven element is matched with an efficient hairpin and the the 3
kW continuous, 5 kW peak, :1 balun is supplied with the antenna. Four tuning options are provided to allow peak performance
in your favorite part of the band. All hardware is stainless or galvanized except the U-bolts and remember every M2
40ML Yagi is also available in our ruggedized, 125 mph “SURVIVOR” Series.