Delivery Fee

Limits and cash on deliveries (C.O.D.) for EU countries including the Czech Republic

Note: For the order value priced below the limit delivery fee will be charged. If the order value exceeds this limit - delivery will be for free. VAT included.

Local Currency Limit (CZK) Limit (EUR) C.O.D.
Czech Republic CZK 5 000 CZK 195 € YES
  • Amounts in EUR, presented in the table are approximate and based on the current exchange rate from the date of updating Business Conditions. GES – ELECTRONICS, a.s. and The Czech National Bank reserves the right (when the course is changed) to modify of ± 5 %.
  • Information system accurately calculates these values according to the daily exchange rate of the Czech National Bank (
  • Buyers in any country can pay its bills in its local currency or in another currency as required.
  • Limits including VAT.
  • In some countries the local mail or carrier charge other fees from the buyer. These amounts can not be predicted (e.g. Slovakia).