Digital oscilloscope DSO-1062D / VOLTCRAFT

  • Digital oscilloscope DSO-1062D
  • Digital oscilloscope DSO-1062D


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Portable digital oscilloscope 2x60MHz, 500MS/s - 1GS/s

Voltcraft DSO-1062D 2-Channel Oscilloscope, Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Highlights & details

60 MHz bandwidth
1 GS / s real-time sampling rate of 25 GS / s equivalent
Probes included

The digital oscilloscope is intended to be used for visualising electrical magnitudes and signals. For measurement, 2 mutually independent input channels are available for analogue signals. The sensing heads are connected to the oscilloscope via BNC connectors. 2 sensing heads are enclosed.

The measured signals can be stored and displayed as a reference. The oscilloscope can be connected to a computer via the USB interface for evaluation and control.

The control of the device is performed via VDU-based control menus. The maximum measuring voltage indicated on the device (300 VRMS (eff.)) must never be exceeded. Use divider probes if necessary.

Included in delivery

2 probes (each 1:1 / 10:1) Power cord USB cable
Detailed instruction manual (English)
Quick Start Guide (Multilingual)
Technical data

Channel type 2
Bandwidth 60 MHz
Sampling rate 1 GS/s (Single-Mode), 500 MS/s (Dual-Mode)
Memory depth 1 MPts (Single), 512 kPts (Dual)
Displays LCD
Screen size 17,7 cm
Time base 4 ns - 40 s/div
Vertical deflection 2 mV - 5 V/div
Accuracy ±3 %
Input impedance 1 M?
Triggering DC, AC, HF, LF, Noise, EXT, EXT/5
Input coupling DC/AC/GND
Input voltage 2 mV - 100 V (DC/ACpp)
Operation type CH1, CH2, Dual, XY
Power supply 100 - 240 V/AC
Max. power consumption 30 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 313 x 142 x 108 mm
Weight 2 kg
Can be calibrated to ISO / DKD
Interfaces 1x USB
Type DSO-1062D
Mathematics functions pk-pk, max, min, RMS, Cyc. RMS, Hz, period, rise, Pos / Neg halfwave
Display 800 x 400 Pixel