• GVK-PG29

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Cable grommet W-GLAND, cable dia.20,0-26,0mm, EPDM, panel 1,0-4,0mm, mounting hole dia. 38,0mm, grey

Cable grommet are very good sealing against dust and water. They are suitable for wires, cables tubes and hosepipes. Sealing membrane is break through at insertion cable. The grommet can be use like blind flange with bushing function for next cable mounting. Facilities: very quickly instalation, fast adjustment panel hole, protection IP67. Application: electrical equipments, hydraulic systems, vehicles, lamps, etc. Material: EPDM - ethylenpropylene (synthetic rubber) or CR - chloroprene. Operating temperature: EPDM: from -30 °C up to +130°C, CR - chloropren: from -20 °C up to +120 °C. Certification: SEMKO. Color: GVK: grey, GVC: black. Resistance: syntetic rubber: detergents, salt solvents, ozone, weather conditions; cloropren: material ageing, weather conditions, oils, fats (it is satisfy car´s safety standard DIN 75200).