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  • Audio video cable HDMI 3R

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High speed HDMI connection cable 2x HDMI male (rotary connector), black, 3m

HDMI enhances the DVI standard, thus providing following features:
* Just one integrated cable with 19 pin miniature plugs allows for the bi-directional transmission of all audio and video data
* With no data compression, HDMI avoids inherent quality losses.
* Just like DVI, HDMI operates fully digital, thus preventing lossy digital-to-analogue-to-digital conversions.
* With a bandwidth of 5 Gbps, HDMI twice exceeds the presently highest HDTV requirements of 2.2 Gbps
* HDMI cables also carry signals of remote controls, thus enabling control of all interconnected devices by just one IR channel
* Being 100% downward compatible with the DVI standard, HDMI allows for lossless transmission of DVI signals via HDMI-DVI adaptor cables. Vice versa, obviously just a subset of HDMI data may be transferred through a DVI interface.
Thanks to all these advantages and fully supported by the film industry as well as considerable manufacturers of consumer electronics, HDMI will most definitly become accepted as main standard in home entertainment.
Connector cable: HDMI plug - HDMI plug
Up to 10 m length, HDMI cables consist of AWG28 stranded wires. To ensure best audio and video quality, longer cables are made from AWG24 stranded wires of high purity copper, thus meeting the demanding requirements of high-value hi-fi systems even at longer transmission paths.
You can buy the cable in lenght 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m and 10m.