INRAD-124 ICOM 455kHz 2800Hz SSB / INRAD-International Radio

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  • INRAD-124 ICOM 455kHz 2800Hz SSB
  • INRAD-124 ICOM 455kHz 2800Hz SSB

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INRAD 2800Hz/455kHz ICOM

For IC718, IC735, IC736, IC737, IC738, IC740, IC745, IC746, IC751, IC751A, IC756, IC761, IC765, IC775, IC781. Crystal filter 8-pole. 2800Hz/-6dB, 455kHz, SSB, Shape Factor 1.5. Filter is soldered on custom PC board. Drop In (Wire In for IC735). Ultimate rejection >90dB. Ripple <2dB. Typical Insertion Loss: <5dB. Zin=Zout=2000Ohms. Dimensions: 55x25x15 mm.

2800 Hz 455 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter


Bandwidth 2800 Hz
Center Frequency 455.0 kHz
Mode SSB
Shape Factor 1.5
Typical Insertion Loss 250 Hz: < 9 dB; 500 Hz: < 7 dB; SSB/AM: < 6 dB

Šířka pásma 2 800 Hz
Použití Icom
Kmitočet 455 kHz