INRAD-705C YAESU 455kHz 500Hz CW FT1000, FT1000MP, MARKV / INRAD-International Radio

  • INRAD-705C YAESU 455kHz 500Hz CW FT1000, FT1000MP, MARKV

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INRAD 500Hz/455kHz YAESU FT847, FT1000, FT1000MP, MARKV

Filter 500Hz/-6dB, 455kHz, CW. Shape Factor 2.5. Collins 7-pole mechanical filter mounted on custom PC, plug in board. For Main and Sub-receiver of FT1000, FT1000MP and MARK-V. Better replace original YF115C - XF115C.

500 Hz 455 kHz CW 7-pole Collins filter

Note: bandwidth is measured by the manufacturer at -3 dB; we measured shape factor at -60/-6 dB.

Note: Collins mechanical filters are no longer in production. INRAD has inventory on hand that should last through 2016. Once our inventory is sold, we will discontinue offering this item. There is no drop-in replacement available.


Bandwidth 500 Hz
Center Frequency 455.0 kHz
Mode CW
Shape Factor 2.5
Zin/Zout 2000 ohms // 30 pF
Typical Insertion Loss 250 Hz: < 9 dB; 500 Hz: < 7 dB; SSB/AM: < 6 dB

Použití Yaesu
Mód CW
Šířka pásma 500 Hz
Kmitočet 455 kHz