polyglide grease G-1/3-25 / The Orelube Corporation

  • polyglide grease G-1/3-25

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Special consistent polyglide grease for small gears / 25ml

Greas ORELUBE G-1/3 ensures high wear protection and reduces the attrition. It contains synthetic organo-moly grease with high thermal stability, that creates chemical monomolecular lubricating film after activating. This film reduces wear and attrition, because separates opposite metal surface. Use: audio-electronic equipment, textile industry, fan bearings and air compressors, baking equipment, roasters, vacuum (10-2mmHg), gear transmissions, OEM miniature bearings and placing. It ensures long term lubrication at intervals of -23°C...177°C. NLGI 2. It is influsible, does not have a dropping point. Water-resistant. Greas G-1/3 has buttery consistency and pump of NLGI#1 group and properties and thermal protection of NLGI#3 group.