ISO 9001 Certificate


GES-ELECTRONICS successfully completed in early 2001, the introduction of a quality system. The company I.T.I. (TÜV Austria Group) awarded GES-ELECTRONICS certificate that proves that the conditions latest standards of ISO and ISO 9001 certified.

In 2010 we were successful recertification according to the new specifications. Certification to ISO 9001: 2009 ensures the progress of our Company in accordance with the rules and policies of quality is a guarantee of stability, quality and reliability of our services..

Fulfillment the requirements of this standard ensures GES-ELECTRONICS quality in its two main fields of activity. These are wholesale electronic components and assembly work in telecommunications. GES-ELECTRONICS puts great emphasis on service quality and supply of goods, but also on overall company management system and especially on customer care, which has become the main mission GES-ELECTRONICS.

Quality Policy ISO 9001

Company management accepted responsibility for the continuous improvement of the quality of its services and products with the aim of fully satisfying the needs and expectations of both current and new customers in sales of electronic components as well as in the field of design, installation, construction and servicing of telecommunications infrastructures.

The quality policy, which for the period of 2016 to 2019, discussed and approved the company's management, will be implemented through the following strategic objectives in the field of quality:

  • develop a system of regular evaluation of achieved results, the use of preventive measures as internal audits and other tools for continuous improvement of functionality, efficiency and effectiveness of the management of all activities,
  • develop cooperation with suppliers of input services on the basis of their evaluation, and promote the process of continuous improvement in all areas, with the active participation of all employees,
  • ensure and promote the full commitment of every employee within its scope and respect for the principle of continuous improvement of functionality and effectiveness of the quality management system and is committed to:
    •  create necessary resources and conditions for fulfillment of the quality policy,
    •  support all activities aimed at achieving these objectives.

To support this quality policy, the company management undertakes:

  • quality policy yearly objectives capable of evaluation,,
  • create conditions to meet the objectives of all company employees,
  • regularly review the performance measures and tasks aimed at achieving these objectives in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic and EU directives in the event of failure to issue remedial measures;
  • plan and provide the necessary resources and personnel to meet financial targets,
  • create conditions for the expansion of the work team of skilled and professional

The company's management expect from their employees:

  • maximum use of all the knowledge, skills and capabilities to the requirements and needs of its customers and partners perform the way for both sides to maximum advantage, while respecting all fundamental rules of corporate behavior,
  • consistent and accurate compliance with the procedures laid down by the quality system documentation,
  • high responsibility for the quality of their work,
  • direct participation in the improvement of the quality of search suggestions to improve their work and activities of other departments of the company.