On-line Shopping Instructions

On-line Shopping Instructions


  • registration is free of charge and is applied only once with permanent validity,
  • personal information are required at registration (name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail, communication language, currency etc.),
  • registering user (customer) has to choose nickname (login) and password,
  • user´s nickname (login) either password is not sensitive to font size,
  • registered user (customer) can change or adjust personal information at any time. Users are informed about all changes by e-mail immediately.
  • all processes are secured by the most up to date methods and facilities,
  • GES-ELECTRONICS, a.s. keeps private and secure personal information protected according to the valid legislative.

Log in

  • login is permitted only to registered users via entering nickname and password. The other registration data are saved in the system and it is not necessary to fill in again.
  • the entered user can safely place orders and check the order state via the user´s profile.

Registered user´s benefits

  • can safely place orders and receive further information which are not available for unregistered users,
  • can check the item´s availability in our central stock and shops,
  • has access to the product details and data sheets,
  • can check the current order state as well as look backwards in the order history,
  • is fully informed about the delivery content, prices and transporter,
  • receives information asap the order is dispatched. Possibility of shipment tracking offered by majority of transporters,
  • the registered user can get possibility to pay invoice via bank transfer,
  • the cart content is saved till the next login,
  • if wholesale or prices on agreement exist, the prices are displayed to the logged in user. These prices are the bottom ones, compared with the current actions, sales etc.,


  • In Stock - goods are in stock ready to be dispatched.
  • Out of Stock - we are out of stock at present. We are expecting the supply.
  • Only in Shop - Please note, goods transfer between stocks takes about 3 working days.

Range of goods, Categories

  • the assortment is listed in the left-hand column menu,
  • our huge range of goods is divided into more detailed categories with similar characteristics or usage,
  • click the assortment category you are interested in to get detailed range of goods in the menu. Take a look at each of the subcategories step-by-step in order to find the searched item.
  • newly you can make a profit of the parameter filter function,
  • it is possible to personalize menu display via the mode settings in the heading,
  • e-shop is quite intuitive and user-friendly,


  • type at least three characters into the "Search" box which appears at the top of every page. The whole range of goods including product details text is browsed.
  • we recommend you to try searching with different synonymous expressions in order to search through the widest spectrum of our assortment in the most effective way.


  • it is possible to edit the cart content by clicking the icon "Cart" which is in the middle top of each page,
  • it is possible to change the product quantity and modify the selected items already added into the cart,
  • number of items and price in selected currency is displayed,
  • after logout, the cart content is saved and kept until the next login. Next time you login, it is possible to continue adding products.

Place an order

  • the process of placing orders is intuitive and each step of the process is always explained properly,
  • in the cart there is the "Note" array where the customer can write any note that we will receive together with the order.

Order on-line – pick up personally in the shop

  • newly, there is a possibility to place an order on-line and pick up goods personally in any of our shops.
  • delivery is for FREE.

Inquiry demand

  • Our Customer Service will answer your request and you the quotation as soon as possible.
  • Products inserted to cart can be moved to the INQUIRY section. Just specify your request - delivery term, price, technical data, and forward it to us. It is possible to send the inquiry separately or together with the order. In section “My orders” you can check your inquiries as well.
  • Quick contact form is available too