Current stock availability

E-shop + shop Plzeƈ 83 pcs
Shop Praha 0 pcs
Shop Brno 27 pcs

Shop Ostrava 10 pcs

When will you receive your goods?

When will you receive your goods?

In case all the items from your order are available in central stock or in the shop you prefere, or you require an expedition in part, your order will be processed immediately (Monday-Friday). You can expect the information about the handover to the carrier for delivery to the address or call for pick-up in the shop.

We want to deliver you the goods in the shortest possible time, therefore we enable the goods transfer between the stocks of the GES-ELECTRONICS. The transfer takes about 3 working days.

If the goods reffers to the following accessibility - on the way or out of stock, the estimated date of delivery is stated.

Personal pickup in the shop

Personal pickup Plzen Immediately
Personal pickup Praha Within 3 days
Personal pickup Brno Immediately
Personal pickup Ostrava Immediately

Delivery to the address

Post - Parcel Delivery To Hand dispatch within 24 hours
Post - certified mail dispatch within 24 hours
PPL dispatch within 24 hours
dispatch within 24 hours
PPL Sprint dispatch within 24 hours