• SUNON fan FAN DC KDE2406PTVXAF /MF60252VX-G99/

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SUNON vapo MAGLEV fan 24VDC/2,04W, 5200RPM, 46m3/h, 27dB, 60x60x25mm, 56g

SUNON MagLev® fans using magnetic field to stay on tray and for control stable scoop rotation whole 360°. It is eliminating fan vibration. Arrber and bearing doesn't have any contact during rotation the result is fan doesn't have any contact in any position. Magnetic flux acting perpendicularly to standart magnetic flux which is created by motherboard components named MagLev board. That board and magnets which are built into the bearing fan toghether is creating comprehensve vertical magetic force called MagLev flux which is unique patented invention MagLev motor. Standart magnetic flux and MagLev flux act on each other perpendicularly under angle 90°.
That construction of each other acting fields ensures rotor stabilization in MagLev technology and arrber is still moving arround fixed point in the constant range from bearings with no contact among themselves. Problem with deformation after long time using is solved effectively this way.

Průtok vzduchu 46 m3/h
Příkon 2 W
Hlučnost 27 dB
Otáčky 5200 rpm
Hloubka 25 mm
Rozměr 60x60 mm
Typ napětí DC
Výrobce SUNON
Napětí 24 VDC
Ložisko MagLev